Friday, January 24, 2014


reviving my blog

Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm getting bo liao once more...
I'm actually linking people I know who have blogs on my page!
Handcoding them even...
too free liao I guess...

CNY is coming! Yeah!!! Holidays finally!!! :D :D :D
now my legs are totally aching... after 29min of circuit training, which involves 8 cardio & 8 strengthening.... got burn so much mah? hmmm.... it wasn't exactly intensive lei... hmmm...

Friday, February 02, 2007

the world is so nice...

The internet & TV guy *finally* came!!! Didn't realise how much I miss them till now.... :D

the world seems so much brighter after all!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

continuation to an eventful week

Sat: Saw my married cousin & her hubby in the SAME lift at the national library, which I'm visting for the FIRST time.
Sun: bought my new mattress


this is certainly an eventful week. didn't really expect to have things happen on every single day. different events happening.

Friday, January 12, 2007

an eventful week

Monday: Woke up to a break-in
Tuesday: Paid fees for *final* exam.
Wednesday: M1 line officially ported. *sob*
Thursday: Caught in the rain; becky's slipper got stuck in the water.
Friday: Sent in request for testimonial.

Actually, the 'eventful' week started last Saturday... broke a cooker/steamer after dinner, which sent million bits of glasses everywhere. End up doing a thorough cleaning in the kitchen.

On Sunday, Mama left the water boiling... and it was still boiling after we come back 2h later...

What a totally eventful week.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

torrential rain hits s'pore

This would be the latest news in our local scene... (apart from the elections)...

It's been predicted that the rainfall in the past 2 days is much higher than what was experienced usually... and that torrential rain is still expected at least for this week. (The Straits Times, 05 April 2006)

Well, just 2 days back, my uncle was one of the "victim" suffering from this horrible rainfall. It cost him his car, passports & cash. Accordingly, he saw his money floating away from him... -_-|||

Anyway, The New Paper did an exclusive interview for him & it was published yesterday. Missed it? See it here, here & here.


Friday, March 31, 2006

and so I ran over a bird....

I was running late, as usual.

So I fired up the car, and zoomed off (not very very fast), probably about 30km/h when I heard a
bang!". I thought I had hit someone when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw that I had hit a bird instead.

Instantly, things came to a standstill and it was as if someone had a camcorder and was playing through a S-L-O-W speed.

I saw that the little bird bounce off the corner of my front bonnet, did a somersult into the air. Than as quickly, my car had somehow passed it and through my rearview mirror, I saw it lay on the ground, shaking.

As I reached the front of the side road, a voice inside my head was screaming,
"Oh my god! I ran over a bird! It's going to die! I've become a murderer!"

This went on and on till another weird thing happened.

So I continued with my drive, and at this traffic junction, took out 2 coupons and started punching through them. And after parking my car, my coupons were missing. I looked high and low for them -- 10min in all, and still can't find it.

Weird isn't it?

And about 2h later, I found them. *rolls*eyes*