Friday, March 31, 2006

and so I ran over a bird....

I was running late, as usual.

So I fired up the car, and zoomed off (not very very fast), probably about 30km/h when I heard a
bang!". I thought I had hit someone when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw that I had hit a bird instead.

Instantly, things came to a standstill and it was as if someone had a camcorder and was playing through a S-L-O-W speed.

I saw that the little bird bounce off the corner of my front bonnet, did a somersult into the air. Than as quickly, my car had somehow passed it and through my rearview mirror, I saw it lay on the ground, shaking.

As I reached the front of the side road, a voice inside my head was screaming,
"Oh my god! I ran over a bird! It's going to die! I've become a murderer!"

This went on and on till another weird thing happened.

So I continued with my drive, and at this traffic junction, took out 2 coupons and started punching through them. And after parking my car, my coupons were missing. I looked high and low for them -- 10min in all, and still can't find it.

Weird isn't it?

And about 2h later, I found them. *rolls*eyes*

Saturday, March 25, 2006

an itch to blog

Funny how it seems that you'll be itching to blog the moment your site's down... and the webhosting company lady has yet to reply me about an alternative payment other than paypal...

So... how & why am I here you might ask?

For someone who has been using her own scripts (read: Wordpress), it is indeed not so fun to switch servers halfway through. The one & only reason I'm here is because, I forgot to make payments for my domain renewel. How stupid a reason this might be. But no, the truth is, I really did not receive any bills notification for my hosting renewel. It was only when I tried to log into my domain did I realised that actually, my domain (and hosting) has expired. So, I emailed the webhosting lady & all, asking to make payment and everything, only to realise... paypal places a limit on my credit card sending. Seems like because I did not verify my credit card with them, so I remain largely a "unverfied" paypal customer & thus, am unable to send out money.


So I contacted the lady to ask for alternative mode of credit card payment. But till today, there's been no reply. It's either she's ignoring me or she's simply too busy these days to go on to check her mail. Whatever the reason, I'm going to wait till next week before deciding to get another host or to simply remain here on blogger. Not that blogger's bad... just that I'm used to having control over everything... including the way to blog. Good thing I recently made a backup database of my blog entries. Though they aren't all too updated.