Friday, March 31, 2006

and so I ran over a bird....

I was running late, as usual.

So I fired up the car, and zoomed off (not very very fast), probably about 30km/h when I heard a
bang!". I thought I had hit someone when out of the corner of my eyes, I saw that I had hit a bird instead.

Instantly, things came to a standstill and it was as if someone had a camcorder and was playing through a S-L-O-W speed.

I saw that the little bird bounce off the corner of my front bonnet, did a somersult into the air. Than as quickly, my car had somehow passed it and through my rearview mirror, I saw it lay on the ground, shaking.

As I reached the front of the side road, a voice inside my head was screaming,
"Oh my god! I ran over a bird! It's going to die! I've become a murderer!"

This went on and on till another weird thing happened.

So I continued with my drive, and at this traffic junction, took out 2 coupons and started punching through them. And after parking my car, my coupons were missing. I looked high and low for them -- 10min in all, and still can't find it.

Weird isn't it?

And about 2h later, I found them. *rolls*eyes*

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hellownurse said...

you ran over a bird? Well, you should have kinda stopped and move the bird to the roadside, so that it will not be squashed by on-coming vehicals. (Although I'm pretty sure you won't dare to do that...)

My dad has ran over a pigeon, and worst of all, a DOG. Cos the dog just dashed across the road, along old Tampinese road, where the army airbase is. So I could kinda hear the dog shriek and scream, really inhumane kinda cry, as it try its best to limp itself to a safe place.
After that incident my dad really felt bad, but somehow, years have passed, and he kinda forgotten about it...